Best Bro Hospitality – Vinni & Gaston Ccito


Vinni got kicked out of his girlfriend’s apartment, but housing prices are insane and he has nowhere to go. One of his best bros, Gaston Ccito always has his back and helps him out of the sticky situation he’s in, and invites him to stay for as long as he needs. After a long stressful day, his road to recovery from heartbreak starts with a trip to the shower, to wash away the stress of the day. Reinvigorated, tattooed stud Vinni is comforted by his best buddy. Casual cuddles and spooning help Vinni to forget all his girl problems and awakens something inside him. They say the easiest way to get over someone is to fuck someone new. Gaston, who has had a crush on his buddy for a long time goes down on him, deep throating his thick cock. Vinni swings him around and starts eating out his ass while Gaston deep throats his tool. Climbs on top and rides his buddy, who pounds his sweet ass with his gorgeous cock. Vinni glands Gaston, who sprays cum all over while he breeds his buddy’s ass.

Actors: Gaston Ccito, Vinni
Added on: abril 28, 2022
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