Cruising Time Part 6: Into the Woods – Antu Burghos, Vincent Landi, Puppy Zeus & Claude Laurent


The spectacular latest episode of Cruising Time is here. Our daring Latino boys are back outdoors for some no-holds-barred sex in the middle of the woods. The meeting is next to a bridge, Vincent and Claude lean on a tree, they begin to kiss wearing shorts and a training shirt, they meet in a running break, with sneakers on, the boys are increasing the temperature of this hot summer. His dicks harden on the soccer shorts, which are very easy to remove, Claude pulls down Vincent’s pants to reveal his huge hard cock, harder than steel. She sucks Vincent’s dick, who takes off his Short site completely. When the fever reaches his head, Vincent turns him around, supports Claude against the tree, slaps his buttocks with his huge, well-erected penis, pointing from the sky. So he penetrates him, again and again, with force, as if he wanted to fill him with automatic pleasure, inserting his penis as deep as he can into the boy’s body. While they are doing it, a boy appears, Antu, who has a dog-masked boy named Puppy Zeus on a leash. A boy who likes to wear a harness to fuck. When he is released, he goes straight to penetrate the boy in the tree… Incredible temptation. So they rotate one by one in a sexual frenzy in the open air, so much they put their penises in and out of the ass that it gets dark. In the dark, release their loads of beautiful pearly white semen on each other’s mouths or on the grass. The suckling lambs come out with great force, jumping many meters into the air. The bottoms kiss each other and go with their partner…

Added on: janeiro 26, 2022
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