Dominic Pacifico & Vince Oreilly – Serviced


We find Dominic Pacifico and Vince Oreilly deep in a passionate make-out session on the sofa, but Dominic wastes no time getting down to business. Dominic leans over and engulfs the entirety of Vince’s impressively fat cock before Vince gets on his knees so Dominic can get better leverage. Vince gives Dominic and thorough skull-fucking, which the pair both seem to enjoy. Vince repeatedly grabs the back of Dominic’s head, pressing Dominic further down onto his meat. Dominic leans back so that Vince can return the favor. Vince expertly licks, sucks, and slobbers all over Dominic’s fat dick. Vince stands on the sofa and feeds Dominic some more cock, slapping Dominic’s face with his dick as Dominic begs for more. When Vince is ready to bust, he pulls Dominic’s head down onto his cock as he fires a load directly down Dominic’s throat. Dominic, being the expert that he is, saves some of the evidence to share with the camera. Stay tuned for a RAW scene with these two!

Category: Blowjob, Daddy, Hairy, Muscle, Tattoo
Added on: dezembro 9, 2021

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