High Stakes Shuffleboard – Ethan Chase & John Ander


Ethan Chase is finally back in town and wants to reconnect with his buddies from way back. John Ander knows Ethan from back in high school and invites him over to catch up over some fun and games. However, John’s motives may not be so innocent. He knows Ethan has always his eye on him, a bit of fun quickly turns into a round of high-stakes shuffleboard. If Ethan loses, he has to suck John’s cock! When Ethan loses badly, he’s more than happy to obey John’s every command and slurp up his thick cock before bouncing on his cock like he’s always wanted to. John returns the favor by sucking his dick before thrusting deeply into him as he lays splayed over the shuffleboard and takes John’s huge cumshot all over his face.

Category: Bareback, Blowjob, Muscle, VIP
Added on: janeiro 13, 2022
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