Jared Riding Dylan


Dylan is Mr. Stamina in this one! Once he gets his dick in Jared’s hole, he fucks and fucks and fucks with long, full strokes in multiple positions, never running out of energy and able to pump away non-stop! Jared’s in heaven with all of it! Thankfully Jared can take a good, long fuck because that’s precisely what he gets here. He spends a hefty portion of this episode face down, ass up, getting his hole relentlessly pummeled from behind. There are times when he can’t help but stare in to the mirror to take in the sight of Dylan drilling him for himself; there are moments when he turns around to kiss Dylan while Dylan drills his hole. Most of the time, though, Jared’s just gripping the sheets and holding on while Dylan goes to town on his ass. We call this one “Riding Dylan” for a reason, though! While it involves some playful banter at the very outset and some hot foreplay where Jared and Dylan swap blowjobs, and as a good amount of the fucking has Jared face down and ass up or on his back with his legs in the air, things hit a peak after Dylan tells Jared he wants Jared to ride him. Jared eagerly obliges, and his sitting on Dylan’s cock and bouncing up and down on it ends up sending both guys over the edge – Jared cumming all over Dylan’s chest while he rides him and Dylan blasting out a load that Jared tries to swallow as much of as possible.

Category: Bareback, Blowjob, College, Hunk
Added on: outubro 15, 2021

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