Jesse Stone & Legrand Wolf – The Grooming


Jesse was particularly suited for ownership when I found him. Not only did he have a perfectly chiseled body, unmarked and unblemished in any way, but he had the eager spirit of a pet store puppy eager to be adopted. If he had a tail, it would have wagged the first time I touched him. When I took off his clothes and stripped him bare, his milky, pale flesh practically lit up the dark room. He was nervous and a bit scared, but he didn’t let that prevent him from doing what I needed him to do. He kneeled on all fours, presenting his body to me as I moved my hands all over. He was smooth to the touch, warm and slightly perspiring. I would have guessed it was solely nerves, but seeing his hard cock point up toward his washboard stomach, it was clear that he was in heaven. I teased his nipples, watching his defined pecs tense up as they reacted to the sensation of being pinched and pulled. It was clear to me that they would be trigger points for him, practically glowing pink before I even made contact with them. And afterward, his body revealed a lovely reddenining that made me curious to explore more. Fondling his nuts and shaft, I could practically play him like an instrument. And similarly, each part of him seemed to cause a unique moan of pleasure. He wanted to be toyed with. He wanted to be taken. But I had to see just how he would be as a servant and submissive for the next sale. Nothing made it more clear than when I put him on his back. Freshly oiled, every muscle in his torso glistened and shined in the dim light, revealing every tension he had. He was muscular and lean, making him the perfect vessel to be handled at will. I knew I could be a little rough with him, that he’d be able to take it and beg for more. But seeing his perfectly creamy complexion, I didn’t want to risk a single bruise to his flesh before the auction. Instead, I simply tested out the one thing that would determine his worth: how well he could take a dick. With my hard cock out and lubed up, I watched with some delight as his eyes focused completely on my shaft. In his mind, I could see him doing the calculations about how big I was and how much he was going to have to take inside. He didn’t cower, though. Instead, a smile came over his face and he rocked his legs back and forth with glee. I’d never seen such enthusiasm in a newly acquired boy before… and it made my cock leak with its own excitement. Pressing my head to his hole, I could feel the familiar sensation of pressure as the wide end of my cock met the tight, narrow hole of his ass. Normally I would have to ease myself in, but Jesse managed to swallow me up without fear or hesitation. I pushed in a little further, and before I knew it, I was already half-way inside. He stretched out instinctively, taking me as if he were born for it. And as I picked up the pace and began fucking him in earnest, I watched as his stomach tensed, his abs tightened, and he let me fill him up completely…

Added on: abril 11, 2022
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