Job Well Done – Tom Bentley & Cain Marko


Having his bathroom fixed had certainly turned out to be an unexpected trial for Tom. The building work went on way longer than anticipated and the relentless hammering and banging did nothing but set his teeth on edge. He got into a routine of heading to his bedroom the moment he returned from work, donning a pair of noise-canceling headphones and doing everything and anything he could – from watching crappy soap operas on TV to jerking off to porn like a crazy person – to take his mind off the madness-inducing racket. Tom’s always been a believer in the manifestation of positive thought, however. He genuinely feels there’s something good to be found in every terrible situation. And the positive outcome of three weeks of relentless noise? Totally unexpected, utterly mind-blowing sex with one of the contractors! Cain is almost exactly what Tom would describe if asked to define his perfect man! He’s stocky, silver-haired, hung like a donkey, with a face like a cute teddy bear. Even his dusty, cruddy boiler suit seemed to get Tom’s pulse racing. And it’s everyone’s fantasy, right? You’re lying in bed watching porn on your computer when a real life daddy bear wanders into your room and nails you within an inch of your life? Then, of course, when the same hunky plumber turns up in your room the following night to tell you he’s clocking off unless you need anything else from him… Well, what’s a boy gonna do? A few seconds later, Cain’s giant hands are on a tour of Tom’s pint-sized body and his hungry tongue is painting the back of the boy’s throat! Cain loves the sensation of being with a guy that he could snap in half if he chose to and Tom is utterly turned on by that very same element of danger. Deep down he knows Cain’s a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but there’s always that horny seed of doubt which sets in when you’re forced to accept and embrace your powerlessness in the mighty arms of a Titan! Cain rapidly unzips his boiler suit and slides it down, exposing his beautiful, beefy body and that well-defined chest of his, covered in that light coating of copper hair. Sexy, skinny-boy Tom suddenly seems half his size; a toy in the arms of a juggernaut! They strip naked and Tom gets his soft lips wrapped around the older man’s ever-thickening shaft. Cain is soon thrusting his rock solid dick deep into Tom’s throat. The helpless boy chokes. His eyes water. His cock throbs… Tom dives down onto all fours and presents his hungry hole to the mammoth man. Cain gets his tongue lodged just about as far inside it as he can, to get it good and wet for the hard, rough pounding he’s in the mood for giving. And then it’s game on… Cain drives his raw dick deep into Tom’s peachy ass and starts aggressively thrusting it in and out. The feeling is sensational. It’s skin on skin. The gasping boy’s tight butt muscles squeeze the older man’s dick as he fucks with increasing speed and power. This is banging at its most brutal. Cain throws Tom onto his back and continues his destructive mission. Tom’s eyes bulge. He yells, almost starting to panic. A man’s meat has never been that far inside him before. He attempts to regulate his breathing and tries to relax his anal muscles, willing Cain’s dick to slide in and out without entirely wrecking him. Cain pulls out and pushes Tom to his feet before penetrating him from behind, lifting one of the sexily flexible boy’s legs up in the process. It’s in this position that the huge difference in their size becomes most apparent. Both guys are in a state of intense, erotic ecstasy. Neither wants this ride to end. Tom suddenly finds himself pushed against a wall, being skewered so hard, his feet almost leave the ground. Cain engages the full power of his huge, muscular thighs and the results are spectacular. Tom is rendered utterly silent by the savageness of the relentless pounding. Cain’s heavy balls crack against the boy’s ass with the same rhythmic precision as the hammer blows which sent Tom rushing to his bedroom in the first place! Tom’s dick literally explodes. Huge jets of pure, white semen fly uncontrollably from its tip. Dripping with sweat, Cain smiles smugly to himself.

Added on: maio 28, 2022
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