Jordan Starr & Spencer Daley


A shaven-headed older guy watches him intently, eyes glowing with lust. Tony wants Kameron, and he’s gonna do everything he can to satisfy him. Kameron steps forward and pushes his dick through the bars of the cage. Tony slowly steps forward and grabs Kameron’s dick with his hand before dropping to his knees and sucking it into a state of rock hard beauty. Kameron has an unbelievably impressive dick which grows into a beautiful beast as Tony’s soft lips pass seductively over it. Tony is also well-hung. As he sucks Kameron, he releases his throbbing dick from his pants, and jerks it gently. Pools of pre-cum form on its tip. Tony stands, strips down to his jockstrap and pushes his ass against the bars of the cage. Kameron, still fully-clothed, lines his huge meat up against Tony’s juicy hole and lets rip. Tony grabs hold of the cage and squats forward, moaning in deep pleasure as Kameron gets to work, repeatedly slamming his thick rod through the metal bars, deep into the older man’s muscular body. Kameron bangs with increasing force and intensity, leaning against the cage and thrusting harder with every brutal, gut-bruising stroke. Tony jerks himself desperately, entering a state of euphoric pleasure as his insides are aggressively rearranged. Semen flies uncontrollably from his dick onto the dungeon floor, but Kameron is not done and continues to thrust… He eventually pulls out and jerks himself off, shooting a bewildering amount of creamy white cum from his giant dick

Category: Bareback, Blowjob
Added on: janeiro 23, 2022
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