On my fours for Beefcake Evan


On my fours for Beefcake Evan is the first most anticipated video of this year, and for a good reason, this plumber is a sexy daddy with a beautiful thick cock and manly rough appearance, a perfect candidate for the BeefCakeHunter Land residence program 🙂 I noticed that in this encounter, Beefcake Evan showed more confidence, and I even noticed that he has beef up a bit since the last time I had the pleasure to be with him, I don’t know, maybe is just me lol. Anyways in the initial chat, we still have a serious straight man, but at the same time he was projecting: “I know you guys are crazy about me, let me show you my body… enjoy it!” attitude, but in a good and humble way, and I found that soooo sexy! He also learned that he already has a fan base, and that just added up to the energy of the moment presiding the blowjob and me been On my fours for Beefcake Evan. I am convinced in this second meet with Evan, that he loves the BCH treatment, even though he really enjoys watching the pussy porn playing, he also enjoys his cock been worshipped, proof of that is how quickly he gets hard and that he almost did cum a couple of times, don’t get me wrong, I would love always have two samples of his semen in every video, but been his first time visiting my back yard, I didn’t want to risk it, I needed him to be in the same level of hornyness once we move to the fuck part of the video. Once On my fours for Beefcake Evan, the drilling was way better than what I was expecting, that cock felt so good inside my man-pussy, and the energy he put on it, was great! He drilled me good, and I was surprised that he didn’t cum sooner. He fucked me good enough, that when he whispered me that he was about to cum, I gave him the green light, poor thing, he had troubles taking the condom out to show his load to us, next time I will tell him to just finish inside ;), but this time you guys needed to see the amount of seeds this hunk delivers every time, even in second times. I hope you guys enjoy this video On my fours for Beefcake Evan

Actors: Evan
Added on: janeiro 26, 2022
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